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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Woods sex scandal exposed, Armstrong admitted doping, two stars (stores) the "fallen" Impact sponsors Nike (store) the company's image. Pease Torres in the shooting of his girlfriend after the scandal, the media began to discuss how to choose the sponsor brand ambassador, spokesperson of how to deal with the scandal. is called the "world's fastest legless persons" Paralympic champion, "Blade Runner" ???????, shot his girlfriend was arrested on suspicion of Pretoria police. According to the latest foreign media sources, ??????? has been formally charged by the police for the murder, court hearings will be conducted on Friday. Pease Torres's "Fallen", let sponsors Nike also bear the image of a huge crisis. "Nike's image suffered a crisis, reminding all companies choose to sponsor the object to be more careful, after all, this is a risky thing!" Wo House public relations company founder Robin - Volvo House said. " Pease Torres past stories, attracted Nike's line of sight. They obviously know how to be more interesting, not only as an advertising use Pease Torres protagonist, but also in his prosthetic marked with Ni cheap jordans online ke sign. " "Despite the effect of significantly after sponsorship endorsements, sponsorship itself but there are also risks. Sex scandal, sexual violence, including domestic violence, etc., will affect the image of the sponsor objects, thereby affecting the sponsoring company's image." Robin - Wal-House continued, "Today, the problem is very clear ??????? but this is definitely not a case, because the moment many people are excited about, such as wealth or huge honor, in order to make them capable of destroying reputation. thing. " ! For the current image is suffering a crisis of Nike, Robin - Volvo House also gives recommendations: face the crisis, comfortable with "Nike sponsors rather than just the parents, there is no responsibility education sponsored object Of course, these athletes to accept sponsorship should also have certain qualities, after all their great influence, will be a huge sponsor brand promotion. If these athletes once exposed the scandal, so naturally it makes the brand image hurt. So adding some restrictions on sponsorship contracts, it is very necessary step. " After Pease Torres shot his girlfriend's news exposure, Nike has quick cheap foamposites ly made PR move, issued a message of condolence for the families of the victims statement, also said it would pay close attention to the further development of events. In fact, this is not Nike's first encounter with the image of crisis, the golf superstar Tiger Woods sex scandal exposed, has made Nike encountered a test. And recently, the Tour de France Lance Armstrong admitted taking seven, allowing him behind sponsor Nike tarnished image. Robin "in the past sponsor customary to find someone to speak for the brand, but this is the past tense." - Wo House, said, "Today, sponsors choose spokesperson range is very wide, there are men there women across ethnic and geographical restrictions, so will require a more cautious sponsor "and marketing experts Adam - Handte stressed, Nike now most needs to be done is to immediately terminate the contract with Pease Torres. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; this day to come sooner or later. Adidas has no intention to endure the high cost of Chinese footwear industry, has recently proposed to gradually shift its production base in China to more Cheap air jordans for sale competitive Vietnam, Cambodia and India and other countries. Meanwhile, Nike, Puma and other international shoe giant also increased procurement in Southeast Asia. Adidas is the pursuit of their global procurement cost advantage, while China's low-cost footwear era has lopsided. internal costs rose more than expected Adi "The company is discussing a phased roll-out the production base of China's problems, has been sent to study in Southeast Asia, mainly China manufacturing costs rise and policy tightening. "A Adidas China who confirmed to reporters. Currently, the Adidas products, nearly 50% are made in China, there are 264 factories. But in recent years China's footwear industry costs have been rising, exceeding the expectations of Adidas, so they consider to be transferred. Asia Footwear Association Secretary-General Li told reporters that in recent years China's footwear industry overall costs rose by 25% to 30%, while the average profit margin of footwear made in 5% to 8%. Especially in the RMB exchange rate instability, may engulf orders profits and even loss-making enterprises. According to the reporter, Adidas is very concerned about the Retro jordans for sale continuous appreciation of the RMB, the Government of processing trade policies and the impact of new "Labor Contract Law" on the investment environment in the Mainland, and its large-scale manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Wanbang Shoe Company, etc. Intensive discussed. For the cost of the fare increase, driven by the requirements of foundries, Adidas has made some compromises. Wanbang Shoe spokesman Guo Wei Wen said that this year, Adidas will adjust the price based on costs of the plant. But Adidas does not intend to accept the factory sustained increase request. "If the plant again raise prices, customers could find more competitive plants, or to order the transfer to Southeast Asia. And other countries and regions in Asia than in China factory costs have not competitive." Guo Wei Wen told reporters, in order to reduce production costs, the IMC has put Guangzhou shoe production lines to the northern part of Guangdong Qingyuan areas. In addition, the Chinese footwear industry reshuffle also allow Adidas to orders placed embarrassment. "Now is the factory and the buyers of the game process." A former Wal-Mart shoe department procurement analys cheap jordans for sale is, the current PRD shoe companies and affiliated companies, nearly half collapse or atrophy, enhanced bargaining power of large factories, buyers have hand Unwilling to increase a lot of orders down do not go out, so buyers and factories are in a stalemate. "In the course of the game, the Chinese business orders lost 10% to 15%, the main flow of the Southeast Asian region." Global procurement strategies support Adidas is its transfer global sourcing strategy. For cost reasons, Adidas will outsource production of more than 95% of the plant to an independent third party. It and other international shoe giant Nike, like most of the mode of operation to take the brand itself to focus on design, not have their own factories in the world, looking for OEM factory and sold worldwide. Currently its main factory in Asia. Apart from China, it is in India, Vietnam, Indonesia has a certain foundries. So when placing orders, Adidas will consider cost situation around the plant. Adidas, said a big reason is the transfer of production bases of Chinese labor costs continue to increase. According to the recent inspection tour of Southeast Asia, many countries Wuzh Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping en Chang, chairman of Guangzhou Pegasus Footwear analysis, labor cost inflation is currently in Southeast Asia are on the rise, but the PRD rose faster than these places. "With the yuan appreciation, dollar-denominated, the Pearl River Delta factory workers average monthly wage (plus social security) in 230 to $ 250, $ 100 to 120 in Indonesia, Vietnam US $ 70 ~ 90." Pegasus Footwear has been Nike foundry. Wuzhen Chang said that at present there is no change in Nike's orders, "but in order to spread the risk of Nike, has been a global sourcing, has a number of factories in various places, and then weigh the cost and other aspects of factors determine the order under where." So if China costs continue to rise, do not rule out the order will be transferred. Adidas is the pursuit of global sourcing strategy cost advantages, in line with the world's footwear industry migration path, these international shoe giant global procurement to some extent, promote the industrial transfer. As in the 1970s, Adidas, Nike and other production bases from Europe and America into Japan, Korea, China Taiwan region into the 1980s, but in the 1990s due to the appreciation of N Retro jordans for sale T, labor costs began to shift to the Chinese mainland. Today, these giant turned to Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Laos and other countries, took a fancy to the Chinese mainland is lower than the cost advantage of these areas. "It is estimated more complex products will be manufactured in China, but labor-intensive, relatively low cost of products will gradually turn out." An industry source said. Adidas for delivery, technology and labor efficiency in Southeast Asia currently exists and not expressed concern, indicating its determination to transfer. foundries turn out to follow In fact, Adidas foundry early in its "requirements" expansion of production lines in Southeast Asia. IMC currently only OEM Adidas footwear brand. It Qingyuan, Guangdong production lines producing 1.2 million pairs of shoes per month, workers more than 15,000 people. But at the request of Adidas, which opened a factory to go to India, but India is still expanding plant capacity, monthly production of shoes from 100,000 pairs in 2007 increased to 300,000 pairs now. "These multinational clients in order to spread risk and lower procurement costs, r cheap jordan shoes for men equire us to have the best Chinese production capacity to meet it." Guo Wei Wen told reporters that the company hopes the factory in China can maintain stable production volume India factory expansion will not cause conflicts on two plants. But how the initiative is under orders rests in the hands of Adidas. In addition, Adidas, Nike, Puma and other brands OEM Yue Yuen Industrial (0551.HK) is also expanding production lines in Southeast Asia, it is part of Taiwan's Pou Chen Group. In addition to factories outside China, Yue Yuen Industrial 2007 annual report, in order to meet the requirements of customers purchasing in China, Vietnam and Indonesia production base in the implementation of capacity expansion plan, currently has 210, respectively, in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, 117 and 71 production lines. There Taiwan enterprises believe, just like the original with orders to Taiwanese factory moved from Taiwan to the Pearl River Delta, as now the order but also to Southeast Asia, or is likely to lose orders. Meanwhile, a group supporting the footwear companies to follow the big shoe companies turn out China. "production base of international shoe gian Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping t's shift may be leading a new round of the shoe industry transfer their destination in Southeast Asia." The industry believes that, of course, this is a gradual roll-out of slow process, but enough to cause the domestic shoe-making enterprises attention.takes a large blue bag, ground gas shoes can be quite a lot of people. Recently, in the United States The Shoe Surgeon custom shoes surgeon, down to earth and down to earth IKEA Nike finally met, launched a brain hole wide open suit ... , let's show you. this suit is divided into a jacket made of IKEA big blue bag and a pair of IKEA big blue bag for element Air Jordan 1. should be the most attractive Air Jordan 1. The bottom surface or the bottom surface of the bottom, in shock, the difference between AJ1 and foot on the market should not, it is hoped that the air cushion ...But is really IKEA shoe big blue bag made of the upper Nike Duigou standard use of bright yellow, is the style of IKEA. blue belt around a circle of handbags around the ankle, blue and yellow is pretty good. The key is to see " from a distance, IKEA, they're made of shoes! " " these shoes are AJ1! ". But IKEA also pretentiously cheap jordans for sale mens produced a set of instructions for use ~ in general, the purpose of this spoof is to reach the goal of teaching people to identify the real IKEA bag. But IKEA and Nike don't seem content. The IKEA x Nike suite has started selling on-line, the global limited only 10 sets, the price of $1500. About an hour on the line did not... 2017 in August 26th, LPL summer season after season in the war, IG beat WE gains in summer season army, resulting in the WE world finals score lower than RNG and EDG, RNG and EDG in summer and realignment finals has both determine the 2017 world finals qualify for the group phase. Finally, a global finals tickets will belong in 9 and 2 to 6th anniversary in September 3rd to celebrate the festival Carnival in the final contest announced. Congratulations to EDG qualify for the global finals WE as a spring championship with 90 points, 40 points up the summer season, so the WE annual integral fixed at 130 points! While RNG and EDG in the summer after the finals, two teams can get at least 160 points and 140 points, was higher than that of WE! So WE needs in the September 3rd contest in order to successfully enter the global final qualifying match, but only from the finalists of the breakout success in the race, WE can enter the match of the group stage! EDG shortlisted for the 2017 world finals WE, IG, OMG three teams will be on September 2nd, 3 days of trials in the last global finals tickets to compete. According to the ranking, fifth OMG and fourth IG will participate in the selection of the first round of the tournament, the winner will be the second round WE war, the winning team will serve as the third seed finalists for the 2017 world finals. finals and summer trials show 9 month 1 days to 3 days, "hero alliance" 6th anniversary celebrate Carnival festival will be held in Beijing Wukesong stadium, will be out of the LPL summer finals champion, but also in the trials to determine the final one 2017 world finals tickets home. Who can represent LPL at the world arena, invite the game player to the game site, announced the final answer to. Hero, go beyond !has a high popularity low top shoes Air Jordan combat 31 Low after a variety of popular color appearance, and a new popular "black gold" color release. The Air Jordan 31 Low to 31 generation boots on, reduce upper bring more flexible wearing feeling. 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In this paper, and pictures are from the network, if the same, please contact the editor. although Shawn Yue and shoes price speculation on this topic, is always inseparable, but many people have developed a habit of watching his shoes, slowly Shawn Yue became a major brand "occupation buyers show". today about 10 pairs of shoes in his latest show, almost all the fancy, but almost can not afford. ... 1, NikeAirVaporMaxPrice: 1900RMB fry (42 yards white) 4500RMB (45 black) VaporMax in the new type of shoes in the absolute leader, not the brightest star blessing, but the shape and feel really conquered the trendsetter. you was selling fried white guards, almost at about 2000RMB, and the Black Knight color break code, code number to more than 4000RMB fried rare. and Shawn Yue are the two pairs, and the sun came out, in simple shorts collocation, only shoot legs and shoes, highlights AirVaporMax easy to wear. 2, KAWSxAirJordan4Price: 11000RMB fry (42 yards) Although the price has been reduced with , But KAWSxAJ4 is still the most expensive pair of recent. Shawn Yue has repeatedly drying out, show luminous outsole. 3, adidasFuturecraft4DAdidas4D printing shoes Shawn Yue yesterday drying out, is unable to estimate the price after all 3D has been fried, fried to about 30 thousand. adidasFuturecraft4D first limited 300 pairs, is the official and the first to experience, this "buyers show" can be said out. 4, adidasEQTSupport93/17Price: 2150RMB fry (42 yards) This pair of shoes Shawn Yue GQ was shot in . a lot of people have the same paragraph, recently properly popular king and the reputation of the king. 5, NEIGHBORHOODxConverse2017 1700RMB (high price: fried for 42 yards) / 2000RMB (low 42 yards) NBHD this year to join Converse .Create Chuck '70 and OneStar' 74 joint. as the two party brand lovers Shawn Yue, naturally will not miss . magic echo NBHD 〉 the locomotive