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Italy, "Il Sole 24 Ore" on August 22 reported that Auchan supermarket group because of its supermarkets in Shanghai and Ningbo to sell counterfeit Nike Air Jordan shoes and prosecuted, and this involved two manufacturing enterprises in Fujian Dragon step and Conway shoe company, recently Shanghai local court has ruled that for Auchan Group and two production companies fined 350,000 recent years, there have been a lot of similar Glass Google style on the market, specifically for riding enthusiasts group developed smart glasses. Such smart glasses can be attached to the small display, to show more useful information for the user to ride, so that more secure riding process. However, if you already have their accustomed to riding goggles, do not want to replace it, but want to have smart glasses bring convenient, how to do? Garmin's new Vision Varia will be your best choice. Varia vision is a auxi jordans on sale online liary glasses accessories, can be installed on any existing glasses frame; it comes with a small display, can display electronic image information for the user. And compatible smartphone or Garmin edge riding calculator realization of wireless communication, for the user to display some riding route very useful information, such as the current riding condition, real-time path navigation, the user receives calls / SMS through vibration dynamic way to remind the user, and other mobile phone information push notifications etc.. Can be Varia vision Vision Varia all over the body waterproof, the weight was 29.7 g, each charge 8 hours of continuous use can be a; in addition, it comes with the environment light sensor, can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the different environment, protect the user in any case can smooth the view to display screen. Varia Vision is priced at $399 cheap foamposites , is expected to be launched in March this year. in addition to vision and radar two products, Garmin varia series of products also includes a bicycle front lighting system, which can transmit high penetration force of light; user riding faster, the range of light more far.Date: 2014-11-29 fan commissioning editor: China HD: first Nike store in Shanghai opened iAPM women's experience if there is a place for the female consumer choice once the favorite sport to fitness, running and sports leisure products, and can be innovative, intimate and tailored service, then in Shanghai in November 29th the opening of the first women's China Nike store experience is in such a "women only" concept and the establishment of the. Nike x Liberty tenth joint cooperation series, the special edition tight pants Nike Tight of the Moment x Jordan Sneaker Jordan will start on the day of opening day, the latest running sh buy cheap jordans online oes products will be sold in the store 2015. In addition, a series of store services that enable consumers to enjoy sports experience will be launched in full scale, such as "Nike+ sports gait analysis system", trousers length fine adjustment service, intimate sports underwear shopping experience, Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club training course.U.S. local time on the evening of January 22, 2006, for basketball fans is an unbelievable night, and for the Losangeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant · this will be his occupation career the most gorgeous performances, game 46 throw in 28 scored 81 and got to surpass Jordan in the array Knight occupation career high 69 points single person a record highest score 81 points, but also following the "ancient animal" Chamberlain against New York in the March 2, 1962 Nicks NBA team scored the highest single game scoring record of 100 minutes after the NBA histor air jordan 11 space jam for sale y of the second scoring record, and this game the outbreak is not by accident, the 3 section 62 points (the other 3 team section 61), a month 40 points are enough to reflect. But also to the ultimate season impressive data occupy the season scoring 35.4 points Wang Baozuo. at that time under the "tender" bosh led the Raptors committed a fatal error is throughout the game are not for Bryant to take the package folder defensive, but simply to the way Bryant, of course, for them is not without confidence to do so, because in a month ago, the two teams battle Kobe only got poor 11 points, and familiar with Kobe are aware of his personality. It happened on the scene, is, Toronto bad, poor Bonner became history's most tragic background. but later we learnt that the game for Kobe Bryant and another layer of meaning, because the day of the game is Kobe Bryant's deceased grandfather's birthday, and Bryant gr cheap air jordans andmother for the first time into the field to watch Kobe Bryant, Kobe will not let the grandmother to sleep, he will give the definition of the game as well as the league's new to him. Since childhood because his father traveled to Italy to play, so Kobe since childhood living in Italy and grandparents will often give Kobe send some when the NBA video game, will often make overseas call, which also makes the younger Bryant feel very warm, so that Kobe Bryant's feelings for grandparents over the parents too much. experienced OK break, scandal, injuries hit, Bryant vowed to to the alliance and the world prove he was the best basketball player on the planet. He did, he will be on the electronic scoring data fixed in the 122:104, but also his personal scoring record to 81 points. "MVP, MVP, MVP", "Kobe, Kobe, Kobe" shouts resounded through the staples seems to all fans are filling in for, remember when Retro jordans for sale the Raptors guard Jalen Rose (one of the Michigan five tiger) said, "I will always look at the scoreboard, watching his data, then simply do not see the. This is incredible, 50, 60, no! Have got 70 points ". The final whistle and two free throws before 43 seconds after entering the bag, he has won the game eighty-first points. in the third quarter Bryant scored 27 points and will match counter ultra, Lamar & middot, Odom had together past, said: "I think the game you don't get 60 points." But the "tragedy".Wout Poels line moment 2016 - Bastogne Liege - Liege, the total mileage of 253 km. The race route can be roughly is divided into two sections, the first half more gentle to the halfway point of Bastogne, change to go ups and downs larger hilly routes, many well-known short steep slopes such as de la Roche-aux-Faucons and C te de Saint-Nicolas are all here appear. End of Lyons (ANS) and also have a jordans on sale mens small climb - C te d'Ans (1.5 kilometers long, with an average gradient of 5%), Liege Bastogne - Liege event winners will in the slope inside the hardening and students. 2016 - Bastogne Liege - Liege Roadmap2016 - Bastogne Liege - Liege height map cold rain in the start of 10 rabbits in eight km after their own out of don't in the first several classic sunny weather, Liege Bastogne Liege in only Celsius degree 1 rain cold start, for all participating players, cold weather will be a great test. But at 10 km, there is still a group in spite of low temperature of rabbit group positive action. They are: Tiralongo (Astana), and Alessandro de Marchi (BMC), Pavel Brutt (tinkoff), and Nicolas Edet Cofidis, Jeremy Roy (FDJ), Thomas De Gendt (Lotto Soudal) and Cesare Benedetti (Bora argon 18). because of inclement weather changes and reduce the 5 km race seven escape group away, behind there a vegard's stake jordan 3 katrina 2018 Laengen (IAM) struggling to catch up, when he managed to pick up, the game has been 50 km, and the eight with the main group had been pulled out the difference of more than 8 minutes. Due to the poor track sections of the weather, organizers decided to adopt in this year the two sea battles with Paris - nice implementation of bad weather protocol and change the route, schedule so as to shorten the 5 km, from 253 km into 248 kilometers. two team Etixx teamed up with Movistar groups of rabbits were killed in pursuit of full in the reentry of Bastogne and group by Etixx-Quick-Step Movistar supported and the other two most championship team together to chase. Although in a hurry caused some crash, even two consecutive Tour de France yellow jersey froome are affected, but fortunately is not serious accident, froome also immediately on the train battles. Soon, the second supply points, namely event 〉 Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ;Recently vans Vans California branch can be described as frequent moves, wave after wave of new "swept", this time it is brought Madero shoes, simple shoes loved by the people, put on shoes a little more thick tweed material, such material is very common in suits, shoes on the use of instant taste a little more casual. Using a veggie leather heel reinforcement, which also in stark contrast to the woolen material, combined with a solid color fabric edge ankle and tongue edges, etc., the overall three-dimensional full. Madero CA There are two new colors are dark gray and light gray, minimalist shoes like friends may wish to look at. Source: freshngood & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;We know that we are the one and only we! fingerprint earThe same as the one and only REEBOK ZPUMP FUSION KV.jpg news release (188.87 KB, download number: 40) download Reebok ZPum jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black p Fusion inflatable shoes. A charging, customized wearing experience 2015-3-5 14:29 upload Figure 2.jpg press release (138.41 KB, download number: 34) download Reebok ZPump Fusion inflatable shoes. A charging, customized wearing experience 2015-30 Jay Meschter in the office Nike creative director, lead the team through the experiment again and again, and finally to create a fiber wire upper supporting body, get rid of the past increase in the shoes in one fell swoop elements to strengthen the support of the concept, this also help Nike to set off a storm in the field of revolutionary shoes. Thanks to the popularity of street strengthened shoes Air Max 95, not only use perfect slip of Flywire technology, the shoe body also uses mesh and foam material, increase comfort and cushioning effect. The day before Nike again for the launch of a new design, but low-key calm grey and chill raging autumn season complement each other. item: 845033-002 nike-air-max-95-ultra-se-wolf-grey-black-dark-grey.jpg (73.64 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Air Max 95 Ultra SE Dark Grey 2016-10-31 08:59 upload nike-air-max-95-ultra-se-wolf-grey-black-dark-grey-1.jpg (92.16 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Air Max 95 Ultra SE Dark Grey 2016-10-31 08:59 upload nike-air-max-95-ultra-se-wolf-grey-black-dark-grey-2.jpg (74.18 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Air Max 95 Ultra SE Dark Grey 2016-10-31 08:59 Nike Air Max upload, 95, Ultra SE, Dark Grey Tony 2016-10-31 09:01 on this topic by the 00 generation[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] now online shopping has been very popular, especially the many young people like scouring the Internet directly to your favorite products. But online shopping really have to stay in mind, Zhuji Maple consumers Wang recently on the Internet to buy a pair of Nike shoes, but sent only to find that not only does the size of the shoes of work is also very rough, he suspected counterfeit products . Fortunately, after Maple Trade and Industry and the Consumer Protection Branch of the mediation, Wang finally got the refund of 300 yuan shop. Wang said, his family shop in Taobao fancy a Nike shoes, the shop said it is authentic shoes, so he spent 300 yuan to buy a pair of 40 yards of movement shoes. A few days later sent the shoes, Wang excitedly tried to open the package after receipt of the goods, the results of wear in the feet feel very tight, the original is the size of a mistake. Pick up shoes and another look, he found a bigger problem, the upper work around quite rough, and far from authentic Nike shoes. Wang was pretty scary, is it fake? Through online tracking contrast, Wang further strengthened their own judgments, and he repeatedly tried to contact in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, this shop, demands the return, but always can not contact. Wang complained to the Maple huff and Consumer Protection Branch of the business sector. After receiving complaints, the staff through Taobao shop for the transfer of this file, and finally contacted the person in charge of this shop. After watching the other shoes after video capture, recognize these shoes were purchased from his store, but he still refuses to acknowledge the existence of quality shoes, does not recognize counterfeit products with shoddy behavior, only to admit Size there is a problem, and Wang agreed to exchange a new pair of Nike sneakers. But Wang that this is fake, of course not satisfied with this approach. Finally, after mediation Maple Trade and Industry and the Consumer Protection Branch of the staff, the shop finally agreed to refund the Wang 300 yuan shoes.