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One of the most classic running shoes under the flag of the brand is Nike Cortez, Forrest Gump Forrest Gump in wearing and named "Forrest Gump" shoes because of, and so popular in the world. Overwhelmed bring a white and blue color, crisp white shoe, shoe side at the bottom of the blue grain black swoosh decoration, and before the wave points have similar to the Miao. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: FreakerSneakerNike LeBron 10 private custom version of "Silver Surfer" don't 2013-12-08 22:35:58 note tushang shoes Mache private custom seems to be all super heroes launched again, spider man, Batman and spawn, iron man is a custom Mache, and this turn "appeared in the" Fantastic Four "silver man, this personal customization is based on the LeBron 10 sapphire blue color, gray gradient is in addition to create a mirror effect, the end use of the ink embellishment, and the Silver Surfer figures are printed on the shoe heel. Adidas Consortium xThe king 's / Ji Fanke, (GIEVES&HAWKES ) brand story:Chinese Name: once the " funk, Ji ", is now officially changed to the official Chinese name of " Jun Huang shi "English abbreviat air jordan 11 space jam for sale ion: G&HThe king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) that began in 1785 with the famous British men's wear brand, 200 years to the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) provides noble classic men's European aristocratic gentleman, very much Royal esteem, was awarded the Royal medal, but also by the financial sector, the legal profession and the successful businessmen welcome.Rigorous, honest, steadfast and proud, is the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) brand the most obvious characteristics, the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) brand interpretation is not only strict British gentleman style, classical Royal model, more rich content integrity determination.The new king Shi ( Gieves & Hawkes ) based on the classic, fully absorb the fashionable element, make the dignity and romantic add radiance and beauty to each other. Plaid is still the protagonist, partly hidden and partly visible size plaid is full of vitality, also be eternal classic. But the traditional King Shi ( Gieves & Hawkes ) white shirt after with dark and black dots, also renewed vitality.The king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) formerly two separate companies. Hawkes company was established in 1771, specializes in the manufacture of cap. Gieves was founded in 1785, is famous for its tailored uniforms. The two characteristics of the merger in 1974, and the refined tailor manual and suit the rigorous design is wel buy cheap jordans online l known in the world, by the world political and business celebrities love.Although the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) is to design the British Navy uniforms started, even in the beginning of this century also designed for Chinese Navy Navy uniforms, but as a member of the famous London tailors street Savile Row, today's King Shi ( Gieves & Hawkes ) the course is to make the most noble suits famous.The king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) has many glorious history, during the first World War King Shi ( Gieves & Hawkes ) vest designed for the British navy. In 1922, the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) launched a series of suits and finished in the UK, and launched a suit, leisure suit, tie, wool sweater, leather case, leather etc.. At present, the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) goods is complete, the light is clothing that has more than 110 clock, accessories category also has more than 20 kinds of. As long as you stop the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) store, can buy enough time to all men of the clothing and accessories.The king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) and the world first-class famous tailor, designers have cooperative relations, some of the UK and European nobility, its customers include: formal robes of Britain's Queen Elizabeth S and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, and the British armed forces uniforms.??King Shi / Ji Fanke, ( Gie Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ves & Hawkes ):The king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) suit with 100% fine wool production, carefully selected strictly cloth, the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) cloth also need special steam shrinkage stereotypes processing, can reduce the shrinkage situation; thus treated fabrics to flat 24 hours later, to cut, stitch.In the custom suit, the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) provides three kinds of services, which are fully customized service ( Bespoke Tailoring ), semi-custom service ( Personal Tailoring ) and ready-to-wear ( Ready to Wear ).The king 's / Ji Fanke, ( Gieves & Hawkes ) full custom service ( Bespoke Tailoring ):By experienced craftsman is responsible for body structure to the customer for the most careful measurement, also asked for each suit the details of the requirements, then select the color, with customers love from many excellent fabric, then by skilled tailors handmade, a tailor-made suit, and is therefore absolute fit of English-style suits will be delivered to your hands.This service prices will not be cheap, starting at 2750 pounds is about more than 4 yuan. Moreover, in addition to the United States of America Gieves& Hawkes regular tour again to provide in-home services, other countries might be the customer in England in the local store can enjoy this service.The king 's / Kyrgyz capital ' (Gieves & Hawkes ) semi-custo jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black m service ( Personal Tailoring ):Other brands of semi-custom service called " Made to Measure ". It is in a suit on the basis of the existing version, as some of the details of the adjustment according to your requirements, the perfect degree less than Bespoke Tailoring, but the price is a lot cheaper, generally only need the price of around 1/4, consists of 695 pounds.The king 's / Kyrgyz capital ' (Gieves & Hawkes ) ready-to-wear ( Ready to Wear ):This is also for the vast majority of Chinese customers can come into contact with clothing service. Although clothing, doomed its not like the custom was so fit, but the king Shi ( Gieves& Hawkes ) with the excellent tradition, workmanship, materials, details on these issues is still not sloppy. For a small but illustrative examples, the general clothing buttons on the painted sculpture brand name, many brands to repeat surround type, so the buttons are round not under the branch, and the king 's ( Gieves& Hawkes ) button is not repeatable brand name, it means a circular button still there are, but also, is never wrong. This bit of trouble would highlight the importance of Gieves&Hawkes and high requirement for garment details.Observation two the most important part of the quality of the suit, that is:( 1 ) the front sticking and lapel collar( 2 ) the shouldersThis is the key to keep the jordans on sale mens suits.Because of the need to improve the yield of general suit, many developed by less fastidious, namely the entire front sticking, and neck also sticking on the lapel. Its disadvantage is that the body is not natural, lapel collar will be too rigid. The king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) suit is different from the general, it is only the adhesive for body front part, lapel collar with no adhesive and hemp, in addition will add the most advanced wool stitches, so as to ensure the lapel collar soft natural. While each of the sewing process, is all through the steaming hot processing independent, so that the cloth with a variety of different lining with each other forming.In addition, hair sticking needles in joints, the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) suit in the shoulder more hair and hair. This is the choice of horsetail hair and add special blend ( 54% wool, cotton and nylon 12%, 34% ) by manual spinning of material. In particular, characteristics of horsetail hair can be quickly reduced under pressure, to maintain the original smooth suit. While the use of longitudinal stria horsetail hair in tailoring, coupled with the steaming hot, so when you put on the king 's ( Gieves & Hawkes ) suit, which can realize high quality comfort and appearance.??King Shi / Ji Fanke, ( Gieves & Hawkes ) and the British Royal family:Some understanding of the cheap foamposites culture of the people, believe that all should know about British clothing business, all to become the Queen's Royal brand as the highest honor, but at this point the king Shi ( Gieves& Hawkes ) is called as one of the representatives, today you went to the king 's ( Gieves& Hawkes ) store, will see three big G&H Royal "Royal badge ", respectively, by the British Queen Elizabeth II, her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Wells granted the Royal insignia, represents the king Shi ( Gieves& Hawkes ) as the three Queen's royal clothing supplier.Of course, these three badges just Gieves&Hawkes for over two hundred years the Royal insignia of the latest three. He made the first royal badge -- from the emperor George III in 1809 Gieves&Hawkes, Gieves&Hawkes after nearly two hundred years, will not stop for the British Royal service. A little-known fact is Gio Van Kors ( Gieves & Hawkes ) 100 years are only Imperial Guard dress duct British Royal Guard specified.All the Royal Guard uniforms, uniform store in Gio Van Kors ( Gieves & Hawkes ) store. In order to achieve completely preserved, every piece of uniforms are stored personal safe deposit box. When important field called the royal guard column, all the Imperial Guard members must be set to G&H headquarters, on standby. But in the royal ceremony task is completed, shall immediate cheap air jordans ly return the uniforms, and by the G&H to do a professional uniform finishing work, and prepare for the imperial guard next start. Royal guard every time now in front of the world, is not only the traditional British Royal Military personnel authority, G&H also in the same moment felt share responsibility and pride glory.GIEVES & HAWKES flagship store is still up in the Savile row 1, including customized studio, brand design, marketing and management team here, leading 20 branches in the UK, and sustainable development in the Greater China region. Now in Hongkong, mainland China and Taiwan already has 81 stores and counters.??King Shi / Ji Fanke, ( Gieves & Hawkes ) development process2009 to celebrate the Royal warrants for 200 yearsThe first 2004 in Seville street fashion show held in Paris1999 GIEVES & HAWKES launched personalized custom services, is now the company's fastest-growing business1987 GIEVES & HAWKES opened its first branch in Hongkong. At present the company has 73 stores in the Greater China region1975 Irish Republican Army ( I.R.A. ) on Old Bond Street store, GIEVES decided to move into the Seville street, and the name officially changed to GIEVES & HAWKES Ltd1974 Gieves Limited bought Hawkes & Company Limited194021 Old Bond Street shop by German air raids during World War II, in this shop suffered major damage and jordans on sale online other 10 shops1929 HAWKES launched leisure clothes series1926 GIEVES has launched its first ladies1914 GIEVES R & D lifejacket and patented1912 HAWKES from the Royal Geographical Society purchased Seville street,1876 GIEVES naval box to be designated appliance and the Royal Navy seaman1809 the king George III awarded the first royal warrants1785 GIEVES High Street 73 was established in Portsmouth1771 Thomas Hawkes HAWKES & COMPANY LTD. and set up shop in Brewer Street yesterday for everyone to show edition of the Nike Air Max lab Sydney shoes street shooting, to participate in the celebration of the air max day also echoed the heat of the air max day, instagram has released the theme of #SoleToday, participation number very much. Today is for everyone to select the some from the theme of INS # SoleToday. In a faceless only foot lotion, incidentally, Hyun a taste to dazzle shoes air max feet pictures. everyone to enjoy it: Max Air 1 Air; Max Day" " Max Air 1 Amsterdam" " Max Air 1 Atmos; Elephant" ; "Max Air 1 " Sunset" EM; Max Air 1 Friendly; Football" ; "Max Air 1 Grape" " Max Air 1 Keep; Rippin Stop Slippin" ; "Max Air 1 Liquid; Silver" ; "Max Air 1 Neon; Ripstop" ; "Max 1AirMax Air 1 Safari" " Max Air 90 Infrared" " Max Air 90 Powerwall; BRS" ; "Max Air 90 Redwood" " Max Air 90 " Print" Ultra; Max Air 90 White; Croc" ; "Max Air 95 jordan 3 katrina 2018 Doernbecher〉; "Sports players Nike Air Force 1 Mid zebra new color models 2012-11-05 10:42:09 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: kidulty] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network November 5 hearing, the Nike Air Force 1 Recently, the most attention and we may be able to launch the latest version of Lunar, lightweight shoes, excellent cushioning system, more Exquisite shoes, seemingly every point is a new breakthrough, but in my opinion, Nike has put the double classic basketball shoes changed the face of the whole non. Well, not much nonsense, and return to today's topic. Air Force to help in version 1 has been loved by the majority of fans, the recent brand also timely introduced two new color, and joined the very popular zebra animal elements, the overall look and feel is simple and yet stylish taste, like friends do not miss. Related newsJordan shoes with Elephant Print burst patterns are related to the very eye-catching. The United States and street fashion brand Undefeated cooperate with Jordan, see the Spiz'ike version as the starting, presented in gray shoes with violent crack, jump red color collocation is quite different from the shoe soles, side signs placed Undefeated logo. The shoes are expected to be issued on April 5th without warning. Interested friends should ask the nearest s Retro jordans for sale hop as soon as possible. Nike recently again with ultra popular shoes Free Flyknit Chukka modeled, launched the name ", Hot Lava", the new color. shoe is composed of dark grey Flyknit knitted material, combined with Flywire technology to enhance the body of the shoe fit, with red Free running shoes, one hundred percent all-match! is currently available at a franchised store and is priced at $141. Nike Free Flyknit Chukka color: gray / red / white number: 639700-005 reporters learned from the Shenzhen customs, since this year, Shenzhen port shoes exports showed rapid growth. In November, when menstruation, Shenzhen port exports of 190 million pairs of shoes, and last month exports basically flat, for fifth consecutive months higher than last year's 160 million pairs of monthly average export level, an increase of 27.4%. according to Shenzhen customs statistics, in 2009, 1-11 months, by the Shenzhen port export shoes 1 billion 950 million pairs, an increase of 11.7% over the same period last year; worth 4 billion 480 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 8.5%. statistics show that the export mode of Shenzhen port shoes is exported as general mode of trade. 1-11 months this year, by the Shenzhen port, in general trade mode of export shoes 1 billion 610 million pairs, the rapid growth of 19.4%, accounting for the same period Shenzhen port shoes exports 82.6% of the total. In addition, 190 million pairs of imported and exported goods in bonded warehouses were exported, down by 17.9%; 130 million pairs were exported by way of processing trade, down by 11.7%. it is reported that the export of shoes at the Shenzhen port to emerging markets such as ASEAN, Latin America and Africa has shown a dramatic increase this year. 1-11 months, by the Shenzhen port exports to ASEAN 400 million pairs of shoes, the rapid growth of 87.5%, so that ASEAN beyond the United States, the European Union jumped to become Shenzhen port shoes export largest market, accounting for 20.5%. Over the same period, 250 million pairs and 220 million pairs were exported to Latin America and Africa, respectively, increasing by 75.7% and 41.1% respectively. In addition, the United States and the European Union exported 340 million pairs and 210 million pairs respectively, down by 12.1% and 7.4% respectively. this year, among the export enterprises of Shenzhen port, the private sector has taken the lead, and the foreign-funded enterprises have increased significantly. In 1-11 this year, private enterprises exported 1 billion 190 million pairs of shoes at Shenzhen port, up 11.1%, accounting for 61%; over the same period, foreign-invested enterprises export 490 million pairs, an increase of 40.9%; while state-owned enterprises export 190 million pairs, down 23.1%. industry analysts believe that 1-11 months, Shenzhen port shoes export volume rapid growth, mainly attributed to the rapid development of emerging markets and national support policy effectiveness of the increasingly apparent. (Editor: admin)John day before Elliott officially announced Nike teamed up to create exclusive customized version of LeBron Soldier 10, a white shoe body color, with gray ink design decorative collar and dazzling orange from John Elliott first saw LeBron LeBron Soldier 10 Pro wear mood. john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10.jpg (62.14 KB, download times: 2) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:27 2016-11-9 john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10-3.jpg (281.88 KB, download times: 1) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:27 2016-11-9 john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10-4.jpg (88.18 KB, download times: 2) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:27 2016-11-9 john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10-1.jpg (61.08 KB, download times: 2) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:26 2016-11-9 john-elliott-nike-lebron-soldier-10-2.jpg (60.75 KB, download times: 1) download attachment John, Elliott, x, NIKEiD, LeBron, Soldier, 10Upload 09:26 2016-11-9 joh0Nike Roshe Run is a flagship lightweight, breathable and comfortable shoes in the first. But Nike never gave up the development of its value, such as the brand launched a more classic vamp collocation - anti fur. Although the relative functional fabrics, suede is a too heavy material, but its excellent texture and visual effect is unable to achieve the functional fabric. The shoes will be listed in the near future, love friends please pay attention. 1406774127276_720x450.jpg (55.86 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Roshe Run NM new grey suede 2014-7-31 11:11 upload 1406774127707_720x450.jpg (98.49 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Roshe Run NM new grey suede 2014-7-31 11:11 upload 1406774127961_720x450.jpg (100.95 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Roshe Run NM new grey suede 2014-7-31 11:11 upload 1406774128636_720x450.jpg (63.71 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Roshe Run NM new grey suede 2014-7-31 11:11 upload 1406774127996_720x450.jpg (59.5 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Roshe Run NM new grey suede 2014-7-31 11:11 Nike Roshe Run NM upload, 00nike-wmns-air-force-1-low-suede-midnight-navy-gum-2.jpg (68.85 KB, download number: 12) download Nike WMNS Air Force 1 Navy Suede 2015-8-8 09:08 upload