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[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] Recently, the Beilun District People's Court mediation, Nike International Ltd. with an international trading company in Shanghai to reach an agreement, the latter agrees to indemnify its export 1,440 pairs of fake Nike shoes. This is also the Nike since March last year to now, the Beilun court first four cases of trademark infringement case, the defendants were involved in Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, import and export agents, infringing products including sports shoes, socks, backpacks and the like. export price of 20 yuan and 200 yuan a huge amount claimed contrast In the four cases in the trial, all the accused are to be recognized the fact that Nike infringed on its trademark. However, the amount of compensation on key issues, serious differences between the parties. A higher amount of compensation proposed by the plaintiff Nike, where total compensation for 1440 pairs of sneakers out of 30 million, an average of more than 200 yuan per pair. The defendant believes that Nike profits which greatly exceed the amount claimed by exporting can get, and these infringing products seized by customs, did not actually export, also failed to produce a corresponding profit, it did not jordans on sale online result in a corresponding loss to the plaintiff . Even export success, these shoes sell more than $ 2 a pair, only 20 yuan RMB, but the plaintiffs more than 10 times the amount of the export price claim compensation does not meet the reasonable. In response, Nike said, well-known trademark infringement, its losses and profits are often not identified. In fact, the tort defendant may not just once, can not be determined based on the number of customs seized. More importantly, the behavior of trademark counterfeiting subjective malice larger consequences of their long lead time involved and reach a wide, it must determine the amount of compensation in accordance with the nature of the infringement of various factors, involving, trademark or reputation. Thus, a pair of counterfeit Nike sneakers trademark, requires compensation of $ 200 in full compliance with the law. How to apply the principles of statutory damages Beilun court ?1??? Intellectual Property Tribunal in an interview that, in judicial practice, the trial of intellectual property cases including trademark infringement, including, in terms of the rules of evidence or to determine the amount of compensation are subject to special rules. Chenguang Xiu said trad Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale emark infringement case is very complex, generally speaking, the higher visibility of the trademark in the administration of justice can be obtained greater protection efforts. According to relevant regulations, for violations involving internationally renowned trademark, in determining the amount of compensation to consider a variety of factors. "Trademark Law" clearly states that "the amount of compensation trademark infringement, the interests of the infringement during the period of infringement of the infringer has earned or been infringed during the infringement has been infringed because of the losses suffered, including efforts to stop the infringement tort reasonable expenses paid. " But in fact, the interests of many infringer obtained through the infringement, the trademark owner due to various losses suffered by the infringement is difficult to determine. Therefore, the relevant laws and regulations, the court can plot infringement verdict infringers up to 50 million in compensation. For these two different principles of compensation, the plaintiff may be made more conducive to their own choices based on the actual situation. Nike finally all four cases prosecuted under the auspices of the court to reach a mediat jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ion agreement, compensation for the defendant, although less than the original request, please tell, but the relative amount is still large. In this regard, Chenguang Xiu clear that under the relevant law, and render a decision by the court in these cases, the plaintiff's petition will be fully supported. In a small price to win the big interests The last two years, Beilun court received a total of 51 foreign-related intellectual property litigation from all involved in trademark infringement. In addition to Nike, Adidas also includes well-known trademarks, Poma, Armani, Chanel and so on. The main accused of trademark infringement cases in Zhejiang, Shanghai's export agent, their export agents suspected counterfeit trademark products are internationally renowned Customs seized Beilun, Beilun has therefore been chosen for the proceedings to the trademark holder. analysis of the causes of the dispute, in addition to a number of export enterprises lack the basic concept of intellectual property, not the agent of export products marked review the legality of the trademark, but can not rule out malicious infringement of which some enterprises subjective. Authorities admitted that the probability of trademark infringing prod cheap air jordans ucts seized by customs is relatively low, export enterprises thus creating mental game, knowing they entrust the export of infringing products may still arrive here. Chenguang Xiu said that this attempt to obtain illegal benefits through a smaller price behavior, not only the legitimate interests of the famous trademark infringement, does not conform to the enterprise should have ethics, and industrial innovation policies incompatible with national advocacy, must crack down. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) & nbsp; Nike recently released a new Koth ultra low series overwhelmed again offer you obsessed with shoes on a pair of new style black and white shoes, look from the exterior contour, shoe body with black leather with net surface constitute the main body, however shoes side Swoosh logo is made with embedded technique, looming logo somewhat low-key, but without losing the sense of luxury. However, heel protection device also injected all black. Finally, is also equipped with Oreo ink type sole to be completed. At present, the shoe has no accurate release information. (YOYO) 76 came into being in the Nike elite, with called the perfect streamline contours to win applause air jordan 11 space jam for sale of all the retro running shoes fans, in fact, in the early years, this pair of former palace won the recommendation of the well-known shoes magazine RUNNER'S world ", now although it is classic queue, but the past glory days, there are still discernable. following the first two months Nike launched elite new color until recently Nike has re released the one called "NONFUTURE" of the series limited edition, were launched in green and blue two colors, keep the original style to suede, nylon mixed made. In order to strengthen the vintage taste, EVA soles, shoe laces, lining, Swoosh logo and suede part are equipped with different degrees of antique do old effect, while the bottom is, of course, Nike 1970s most proud waffle fine nail type sole, sole do old effect), can be described as 1:1 high integrity engraved and strongest hue, although mother repeatedly castigated "gold change rotten seats habits of evil, but bent ask in retro running shoes you have said against resistance.,; source: mita-sneakers10. Smith Josh draft year: 2004 in rookie season against the Mavericks in the battle, less than 20 year old Smith sent ten record hot pot, but no one foul of the miracle of the union. As in league history the youngest 800 blocks a cheap foamposites game player, Smith in the 2005 NBA slam dunk contest is to his jumping ability to show peak, it can be said, Smith is in the league today physically closest to James players. To help in several Eagle season of Eagle stable Eastern four, Smith also pay to play the darling of the top ten global and one beautiful pot let a person see agonistic, this season, Smith joined the pistons. 9. O'neal Jermaine draft year: 1996 as the cornerstone of the best inside in the nine six one generation, a healthy enough to rule the game ends Jermaine o'neal. But it seems the injury has ruined the 96 golden generation of veteran. 8. Bynum Andrew draft year: 2005 although said to be the fastest from the top paid player into salary players of the big guy (there is no great wisdom), but have to say, his amazing talent and help the Lakers twice in the championship. 7. Jefferson Eyre draft year: 2004 Summer 08, Minnesota Timberwolves dare to will be more than a decade of team cornerstone Garnett released, value is the then fight league only three years of Jefferson's unlimited potential, and Jefferson was his first career "20-10" return wolves love. Now reproduced to the wasp still maintains the 20+10 level. 6. Amar - Stoudemire draft year: 2002 can jordans on sale mens in the 2002 rookie session with overwhelming Yao was awarded the best newcomer, perhaps only once sentimental high school students Amare Stoudemire. Although in 2005, Stoudemire suffered a seemingly devastating injuries, but after returning from injury, he still use exaggerated way to attack to preach the bully's reputation, by is the young is the capital. Later, he left the "best partner" Nash came to the big apple to the New York Knicks, regret is with the increase of age, the past few years constant injuries, and ability to glide serious. 5. Howard Dwight draft year: 2004 back in the 2004 NBA draft, the Orlando Magic ignore University League movers and shakers Emeka Okafor, and use the No.1 sign pick in the four limbs developed high school students player Juwan Howard, attracted numerous criticisms, now it seems all question is more like a joke. As in league history at the end of a high school student foremost person in the field, whether it is physical or full of witty conversation and Howard are with the magic of youthful O'Neill is exactly the same, even the without 〉FoamPosite series has always been the custom who loved the modeled styles. After a lapse of several days again brings customized works appreciation Retro jordans for sale , this work still comes from domestic well-known team @ET_Customz @ET_Customz hand, choice the fusion the gradient effect of blue, green, yellow and other colors as the upper main colors, black silhouette pattern, like showing some autumn sky scene. source: micro-blog @ET_CustomzAir Jordan 1 Retro 94 "Bobcats" physical appearance 2014-02-24 21:01:15 In order to meet & nbsp; Air Jordan 10 "Bobcats" color of the upcoming sale, overwhelmed by Jordan Brand also in the same color created a & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 Retro 94, this & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 Retro 94 fusion AJ1 and AJ10 essence of the elements, elegant gray shoes with orange lining and outsole, with Shanghai army blue Logo embellishment. Nike LeBron 10 Cork physical exposure 2013-12-08 22:41:40 Nike Sportswear official last month released a Nike LeBron 10 Cork, this shoe is the first to Nike Basketball Nike Sportswear's basketball season Shoes modeled carried leisure life transformation. Shoes imitation cork effect of material to build, inspired by LeBron winning champagne picture. The mountains are made from one side reflects the basketball shoes now increasingly life of the performance. It is reported that this Nike LeBron 10 Cork in December in a worldwide jordan 3 katrina 2018 limited edition, let us start with the exposure of the picture to see the shoes of the physical effects of it. Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Nike Air Max Lunar1 "Chicago Marathon" color release 2014-10-05 11:20:36 for everyone to do in our evaluation has been proposed this dual Nike Air Max Lunar 1 pair of running shoes is not a highway standard sense, but in the Chicago marathon is about to begin, and may often see its shadow . Nike specially built for this game do not note this color, the overall build from black, blue as the details of the outline color, details of the modification in the shoes of Chicago has a rich style and theme of the presentation, it is learned the shoes next week Full commercial, item number 716478-048, like a friend will be able to look at it. & nbsp;Today, Jordan officially announced Brand will officially visit the Jordan 17+ shelves in next week's Air Retro Copper, this is the 2002 since the commercially available second colors. Shoes with white leather artificial leather crocodile texture collocation of the shoe body, but the details are supplemented by met buy cheap jordans online al decoration, the overall design to highlight its luxurious beauty. item: 832816-122 release date: April 9thPrice: air-jordan-17-copper-release-details-5.jpg (106.62 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 17+ Retro Copper officially released 2016-4-3 15:41 upload air-jordan-17-copper-release-details-1.jpg (202.15 KB, download number: 7) download Air Jordan 17+ Retro Copper officially released 2016-4-3 upload 15:41 air-jordan-17-copper-release-details-6.jpg (134.61 KB, download number: 4) download Air Jordan 17+ Retro Copper officially released 2016-4-3 upload 15:41 air-jordan-17-copper-release-details-4.jpg (96.6 KB, download number: 7) download Air Jordan 17+ Retro Copper officially released 2016-4-3 upload 15:41 air-jordan-17-copper-release-details-3.jpg (94.62 KB, download number: 8) download Air Jordan 17+ Retro Copper officially released 2016-4-3 upload 15:41〈0Yesterday, Guangzhou Quality Supervision Bureau announced jewelry, watches and clocks, leather goods and other 6 Products Supervision and spot check results. Among them, Guangzhou city Jiabao Jewelry Company Limited production of a batch of jewelry, Olga brand shoes and other 7 batches of footwear, leather belt, Lamborghini brand wallet card CEFIRO leather and other 30 batches of substandard quality. yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the jewelry, watches, leather goods and other 6 Products Supervision and spot check results. Among them, Guangzhou city Jiabao Jewelry Company Limited production of a batch of jewelry, Olga brand shoes and other 7 batches of footwear, leather belt, Lamborghini brand wallet card CEFIRO leather and other 30 batches of substandard quality. a batch of unqualified jewelry Guangzhou city Jiabao jewelry Limited production, specification for "CP02184/ /0.57g/ total quality of qualified products" and "925 silver inlay synthetic Cubic Zirconia Pendant" in total quality project unqualified, is currently in the review of the rectification. 7 batches of substandard footwear, the project is mainly concentrated in the anti bending rigidity and hardness, decomposable harmful aromatic amine dyes and other projects. Among them, Olga Footwear Company Limited July 18, 2014 production, Guangzhou city number HCO199061A/220 "OLGA" brand shoes in the heart hook bending stiffness and hardness on the project is not qualified, the review has qualified. 30 batches of substandard leather goods, there are 22 batches of products in the logo, labels on the project failed. The cause of disqualification is that some enterprises do not pay enough attention to the standardization of product logos, and can not fully mark the requirements of the products according to the product standards. leather shoes fade affected; wear in addition, there are 7 batches of products in the color fastness to substandard. Color fastness, substandard leather goods in the process of easy to fade, will contaminate its contact items. The causes of failure may be processing leather or leather is not reasonable, the finishing process of improper handling. The specification of CEFIRO Leather Co. Ltd. of Guangzhou City, in June 10, 2014 the production of 95 20 125mm wallet; Guangzhou City Tatsu Plantronics specification trading company, in August 25, 2014 the production of LSD00109-234108, the brand of "Lamborghini" waist belt; specification of Guangzhou Hao Garment Accessories Co. Ltd, CC44300-02, produced in August 8, 2014 the brand "CHARRIOL" leather belt and other batches, are now in the rectification review. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)Adidas D Howard 6 "Christmas" what course to follow, 2015-09-15 15:42:43 as Howard is carrying out a series of activities with the domestic brands in full swing, compared to Adidas, a lot of lonely. Recently, online exposure suspected Adidas Howard launched Adidas D Howard 6 "Christmas" new color, the shoes to the shoe body through the green pine, pine pine shoes side with light green decorative elements, in addition to add luster to the bronze material, whole shoe money holiday breath Guangcaizhaoren strong. It is worth mentioning that the tongue with Howard Logo and Howard insoles on Christmas portrait, because Howard had to switch to other brands so that the shoe is in an embarrassing situation, but the shoe will be able to what attitude toward the world, we might see. Sina micro-blog company introduces cooperation brand and contact us copyright declaration Beijing City Seth Times Media Culture Co. Ltd Copyright? 2017 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP ready for No. 13028176Nike Air Yeezy 2 " Red October" have relevant information: what changes? Foot Locker Yeezy Red October canceled 2, informed sources will launch Edison Chan announced Yeezy 2 " Red October" Chinese district is offering NikeBasketball 〉 Nike Air Foamposite One " Oregon Ducks" in December